Sales/Use Tax Audit Services


Comprehensive State Excise
Tax Recovery Services

State promulgated business tax regulations are notoriously confusing and inconsistent. RSI takes on the burden of navigating these extensive and ever-changing rules to identify and recover excise/sales/use taxes.

Our comprehensive state excise tax recovery services are customarily conducted with our AP Audits and can also be customized to your specific needs. These services involve the identification and recovery of overpaid sales and use taxes on goods or services that are exempt from sales/use tax or non-taxable. These overpayments arise from taxes paid to vendors or taxes that are accrued and paid directly to the state. Either way, RSI identifies the overpayments and assembles all documentation necessary to secure the refunds including securing any necessary tax rulings to substantiate the refund.

The collection methodology of overpaid taxes depends on several variables including pertinent state refund procedures, client preference and whether a state audit is already underway. The entire process is usually accomplished without any interruption to your business operations. And because we want you to benefit from future tax savings, RSI also provides tax consulting services to help minimize future state tax exposure through the creation and implementation of best practices standards.

Success Stories


For a manufacturing company, Recovery+Solutions recovered approximately $1.8 million that had been missed by another recovery company audit for the same time period.

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