Retail A/P Audit


Audit Services for the Retail Industry

In addition to the audit processes performed in commercial audits, RSI uses a proprietary digital platform to audit your procure-to-pay business process, identifying errors, recovering money and using findings to improve processes.

Our Proven Process


Through meetings with stakeholders our management and IT professionals come to understand the business rules of your company, flow-chart the processes from procure-to-pay, collect all available data and build out a project plan.


Our IT professionals then validate the data and incorporate it into our platform. Relationships between different databases are mapped and links are created. Auditable elements from contracts are identified and custom data mining modules are created. Preliminary testing of the application takes place and test results are validated with stakeholders. If necessary, adjustments are made to the platform and a finalized audit plan is prepared.


Auditor orientations are conducted with management and IT professionals present. Any recommendations by the audit staff are considered and application adjustments may be made. The audit is now underway with claims being generated. Each claim goes through an approval process that was established during the discovery phase. RSI management oversees the audit and is involved in everything from claim approval process to periodic reporting.

Success Stories


A Los Angeles teleproduction company had a vendor file with two paid invoices for an equipment maintenance policy, with no additional documentation. Recovery+Solutions confirmed that the equipment maintenance policy was never executed and recovered $124,547.

Ready to Recover More of Your Money?

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