Need to Know More?

These are some of the most common questions we’ve been asked about our services

How long is the audit going to take?

We balance conducting your audit in a timely manner with ensuring that you receive the most comprehensive audit available. We are working for you and will endeavor to work within any time parameters you present.

What separates Recovery+Solutions from other recovery firms?

RSI delivers greater value because our people and process ensure the most thorough audits. Our compensation structure rewards creative auditing and hard work, thus providing highly motivated personnel. Our methodology analyzes every relevant piece of information to seek all possible avenues for recovery.

How much time will you need from our staff? Will there be any interruptions to our business?

We work in a seamless and independent manner. There will be no disruption to your business and we require only minimal time from a few personnel.

How will we know where you are in the audit process?

We provide updated status reports to you on a regular basis. Most clients request an update every 60 days, but we are happy to provide them as often as you like.

What if we are already aware of an overpayment or have an issue with a particular vendor that we want you to avoid?

You simply submit the issue to us in writing before we start your audit. We attach it to the agreement and exclude it from the scope of your audit.

Should my audit include a manual review?

Today’s accounting systems are designed to prevent the most common type of duplicate payments. As a result, many of the overpayments recovered in A/P audits can only be identified using manual audit techniques.

While every cost recovery audit will perform an electronic audit, RSI is one of the few firms in the industry which continues offering manual audits. These are completed by intensive hands-on examinations of relevant documentation. Examples include vendor payments, third-party payments, purchase orders (PO), contracts, freight bills, statements, state tax accruals, masterfile terms, leases, co-op, rebate files, manifests, wires, and escheated funds.

Can you conduct the manual audit off-site?

We can work in any location you choose. If your source documentation is scanned, we can perform the manual audit by accessing it remotely from our offices. You may also ship your files to us. We have secure facilities where we store and manually audit your files.

What should I pay for a recovery audit?

Our contingency rate will reflect the type of audit you request and will receive from RSI. A truly thorough audit requires an enormous amount of time and resources to conduct. RSI pays for all expenses associated with completing an audit. Remember, we are only compensated if we save or recover money for your business. The risk is solely ours.

Depending on your company’s size, whether travel will be required, what opportunities (A/P, tax, or A/P & tax) are offered, you can expect to pay between 20% and 40% of recovered monies.

When you choose to work with RSI, you are choosing a partner not just an audit recovery firm. We have a vested interest in your success and strive to provide you with solutions for the long term, not just near-term fixes. Immediate benefits of our services include recovery of overpayments and identification of weaknesses. Over the long term, we customize solutions to help you minimize overpayments and taxes paid in error while optimizing your A/P operations.

The positive effects of our services reverberate long after your company realizes the lost profits that RSI delivers.

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