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Our principals bring more than 25 years of A/P recovery and tax experience in thousands of successful recoveries of millions of dollars. We provide personal, hands-on service and foster client relationships based on a shared objective: increasing your profitability and improving your productivity. With our interests aligned, we guarantee best-in-class service, accountability and integrity. If we do not recover or save you money, there is no cost for our service.

Recovery Solutions that Deliver Results

Are you overpaying? Can you become more efficient?
We have extensive experience in the following areas:

AP Recovery Audit

A complete A/P audit includes an electronic and manual review resulting in an in depth assessment of where and why revenues are being lost. We design customized cost saving solutions to fit your organizations unique needs.

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Sales/Use Tax Audit Services

RSI takes on the burden of navigating extensive and ever-changing rules to identify and recover excise/sales/use taxes. RSI also provides tax-consulting services including audit defense to help minimize future tax exposure.

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Retail AP Audit

We use a proprietary digital platform to audit your procure-to-pay business process, identifying errors, recovering money and using findings to improve processes.

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Audit Defense

Our skilled audit defense specialists work to identify tax assessment mistakes made to help you maximize tax savings and minimize losses from sales tax audits. When performed in conjunction with a reverse tax audit, it is not uncommon for RSI to turn tax assessments into refunds.

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Why Work with RSI?

"Their staff was courteous and operated independently, requiring minimal involvement from our staff. Their experience across many industries allowed them to bring an out of the box thought process to sales and use tax resulting in new ways of looking at what might at first appear to be a straightforward issue."
Eagle Rock Energy Partners

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