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Recovery Solutions
Recovery Solutions
Recovery Solutions
Recovery Solutions
Recovery Solutions

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Are you overpaying?

Can you become more efficient?

Give us a call and letís find out. We require no out-of-pocket expense from you to begin our review. We have extensive experience with recovery audits in:


About RSI

We have a vested interest in your satisfaction

RSI was founded on and maintains principles that guide us in every audit and with every client. We strive to provide service that is:

  • Comprehensive
  • Delivered by experienced, honorable, hard-working professionals
  • Leveraged with sophisticated technology
  • Focused to add value to clients' companies

Why RSI?

The RSI Differnece

RSI delivers greater value because our people and process ensure the most thorough audits. Our compensation structure rewards creative auditing and hard work, thus providing highly motivated personnel. Our methodology analyzes every relevant piece of information to seek all possible avenues for recovery.

  • We Have Talent and Technology
  • We Recover More of Your Money
  • We Go the Extra Mile
  • We Have Satisfied Clients

Recovery+Solutions® conducted themselves in a knowledgeable, courteous, and professional manner and have exceeded our expectations.

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